Thermal Imaging Experts

As long as the simple truth prevails that something gets hot before it breaks down, applications for infrared inspections will be endless.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections

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We Stand Behind our Services

Always prompt, professional and knowledgeable. With multiple trade disciplines on staff, DTI offers one-stop-shop packaged trade inspections and repairs

We Embrace Innovation

High-tech infrared cameras and professional reporting tools help the customer understand the systems they own. 

Craftsmanship at its Finest

Customer-driven standards promote the highest quality repair and reporting of electrical systems using thermal imaging


Our Services


Thermal Imaging

Prevent equipment failure. Increase worker safety, Minimize risk.

Make smart decisions, let us get to know your equipment!


Infrared Drone Photography

Access the otherwise unaccessible. Powerline inspections, solar panel / solar farm inspections, commercial flat-roof inspections.

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Commercial Energy Audits

Determine your ROI, let us perform an energy evaluation to help find ways to improve your faciility's energy efficiency.

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Industries We Serve

  • Plastic Manufacturing

  • Industrial Manufacturing / Steel

  • Multi-Residential / Condo Buildings

  • Residential / In-Floor Heat / Electrical / Solar

Improved Safety

It is proven that routine scheduled infrared inspections significantly enhance worker safety and help protect essential equipment 

Reduce Costs

Like any preventative inspection: catch the problem before it happens, thus saving money on parts and downtime


Being able to perform inspections without downtime. You wouldn't even know we were there!

Intervention through early detection can prevent hazardous equipment failure, personal harm, and risk of fire

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In-Floor Heating Survey

  • Locate In-Floor Heating

  • Find Clogged Plumbing Lines

  • Locate Faulty Heat Trace