Dynamic Thermal Imaging Offers State of the Art Inspections In the Following Areas:

  • Electrical Safety Audits

  • Annual Infrared Electrical Inspections

  • Infrared Inspections of Flat Roofs and Building Envelope

  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Inspections

  • Emergency Lighting Systems Annual Inspection



Performing Regularly Scheduled Infrared Scans of Your Facility's Electrical Systems Can:

  • Maintain the integrity of your facility’s electrical system

  • Reduces electrical fire hazards

  • Provide uninterrupted power to tenants/clients/employees

  • Detect faulty connections/overloaded circuits

  • Provide a snapshot in time of the condition of your mechanical systems, motors, bearings, etc.

  • Preventative or predictive maintenance programs save money by reducing:

  • Pre-mature equipment failure

  • Emergency overtime

  • Overnight shipment of parts

  • Insurance premiums (many insurance companies give discounts for performing regular infrared inspections)

  • Loss of revenue due to downtime

  • ​Prevent costly replacements

  • Eliminate unforeseen outages and downtime



Thermal Imaging of Buildings and Structures is Commonly Used for the Following Applications:

  • Identifying and documenting heat loss during energy audits

  • Location of wall, structures and fixtures

  • Insulation testing on new buildings

  • De-lamination or de-bonding of building rendering

  • Identify sources of air and moisture intrusion

  • Location of moisture damage due to leaks or condensation in walls and roofs

  • Locate hidden structures or pipe work

  • Locating air leakage from building envelope

  • Excessive energy usage due to damaged, missing or wet insulation

  • Under floor heating system inspections