Missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. Thermal imaging can help you quickly target the source of the problem so you can make informed decisions on repairs.



To prepare for an interior thermal scan, the homeowner should take steps to ensure an accurate result. This may include moving furniture away from exterior walls and removing drapes. The most accurate thermographic images usually occur when there is a large temperature difference (at least 20°F [14°C]) between inside and outside air temperatures. The most effective thermographic scans are generally done in the shoulder seasons, however, scans can be conducted during warm weather with the air conditioner on, or cold weather with the heat on.


Some times of the year, because of a phenomenon known as “thermal loading,” it might be necessary for the homeowner–depending on local conditions--to create and maintain a specific inside/outside temperature difference for a period of up to four hours before the test will be performed. Running the air conditioner in cooling climates or the central heat in heating climates can do this. Ask the auditor prior to the test if this will be necessary.



  • Moisture Damage / Moisture Intrusion Examinations

  • Pest Infestation Nests

  • Fire / Water Damage Assessment of Materials

  • Air Leaks Around Doors, Windows, Etc

  • Hidden Plumbing and Roof Leakage

  • Flat / Low Slope Roof Inspection

  • Commercial Building Inspections

  • Heat Loss and Energy Efficiency

  • Overloaded Electrical Circuits

  • Commercial Building Surveys

  • Building Envelope Scanning

  • Radiant Floor Heat Surveys

  • HVAC Component Scans component scans

  • Missing Insulation

  • Electrical Hazards


We provide heat loss surveys for homeowners using the highest quality and most up to date infrared thermal image camera’s, including a “best practice” approach to provide valuable information on their houses.
Dynamic Thermal Imaging Inc. can conduct an infrared heat loss survey for a prospective buyer, for the current home owner, or at the recommendation of Realtors and insurance companies.
Dynamic Thermal Imaging surveys residential houses of varying age, size and design. with many homes being brand new, we have discovered some serious defects on new-build properties. In these cases, thermal imaging has proven beyond doubt that a problem does exist, and has identified the cause of break down without material damage to the property.
Dynamic Thermal Imaging Inc. provides a courteous and helpful service and will explain why we survey the way we do, and why we need to do it in specific conditions.
These are typically early in the morning or late in the evening during cold weather when the ambient temperature is at its lowest for improved results.

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